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Jul 09,2020 | Jennifer Oliver

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about change across the board in our lives: from jobs to relationships, financial stability, and health. Usually, we are trying to just deal with changing one area of our life, but the anxiety and the pressure that we feel from changes is extremely heightened right now more than ever before. Considering that we can’t change the global uncertainty or what’s happening, we can change the personal certainty of what we can do in a day. Hope the 5 tips here will help you stay grounded, calm, and happy during the pandemic.


Stay together with family and friends

Ask yourself how you feel today and experience these emotions.

I am constantly worried about family and friends, especially those who work in healthcare. There is always a chance that we will come across the virus when we take care of others.

It hurts me to say "good luck" every time we go to work. I find it difficult to sleep at night. I cry to and from work out of fear.

However, I am reassured to know that my family and I take these measures seriously and comply with the rules. My fear is also very much due to those who do not follow the rules and may hurt those I love.

Check-in with your loved ones. How do you feel today? Is there anything you can do for them while maintaining social distance? Tell them something positive that you have learned about the COVID-19 situation.


Make Time to Unwind

With relaxing activities. Read a book, listen to some music, or maybe now is the time to learn how to play an instrument or pick up a new language. Or, how about gardening, crafting, puzzles, or quiet reflection? Also, you can take a look at fashion bloggers, compare various online dress stores, browse your favorite dress pages, like the prom dresses 2020, evening dresses 2020, or even the wedding dresses 2020 as so on. Try to keep pace with latest trends. And make adequate preparations for the prom behind you. Days filled with work and taking care of the kids and pets can take a toll both physically and mentally, so it’s extra important to set time aside to unwind with something you enjoy.


Adjust your social habits

It is our nature to greet each other with a handshake or hug, but we know that the virus spreads through contact.

For this reason, officials demand that we wash our hands constantly and distance ourselves socially. Read about social distancing here.

Pay attention to the people you interact with on the prom or other activities. Stay at least 3 meters away from others. Wash your hands after touching sensitive areas. Do not cough or sneeze in your hands or in the direction of others.

With many school and business closings, the majority of our population takes a break from work. I have seen many people on social media who are still gathering in public places.


Exercise Regularly

Taking care of your body helps you feel better mentally, too. Most gyms are closed, but that doesn’t mean your exercise routine needs to end. It may just need to be different. Take a family walk after dinner. Do some stretches at your desk while you’re working from home. Wherever you can fit it in, aerobic exercise releases endorphins, which are the natural substances that help you maintain a positive attitude.


Spend some time on beauty

I'm not sure if this is related to stress, but I have noticed that some hair is thinning out on the parts of my scalp next to the sides of my forehead. I asked my mother if she had hair loss, but she didn't say until she was 50!  I have recently tried argan oil and castor oil on my scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes. I'm still not sure if it works for hair growth, but we'll see. I also consistently took vitamins and tried harder to eat nutritious foods. Under Beauty Within on YouTube, you can find out everything about our health and the effects on hair, skin, and nails.

Even if we do put away our smartphones and stop watching the COVID-19 updates on the news, our minds can become our worst enemies during a time like this, replaying fearful thoughts and worries. Grounding means being engaged in an activity that helps provide a sense of peace. Consider what activities calm you down. These will depend on individual interests or feelings of competence, It could be knitting, reading, strumming a guitar, meditating, going for a walk, or just sitting outside and watching birds. As long as the activity requires you to be focused and present, and gives a sense of relaxation, it can help keep away spirals of negative thoughts.