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Jul 27,2020 | Jennifer Oliver

Choosing a wedding dress is the same as choosing general clothes. The choice of neckline is an important part of choosing a wedding dress. Choosing a suitable neckline is half the battle. It will look thinner visually, and the upper body is more harmonious.


Let us know about the features of the collar type, and then analyze the suitable and unsuitable people, hoping to help you.

Round Neck

Features: It looks like a T-shirt, so it is also called a T-shirt collar, which is in an arc shape along the bottom of the throat.



Suitable for: women with flat breasts (makes you look plumper)

Not suitable for: women with full breasts (also can make you look more "full")


Features: For brides with full breasts, tube top is a very popular style and a common breast line in wedding dresses.



Suitable: Brides with broad shoulders and a clear collarbone

Not suitable for: brides with flat breasts


Features:A style of neckline for a woman's garment having material draped in rounded folds. a garment with this type of neckline, especially a sweater or dress.


Suitable for: brides with smaller breasts, will look more plump

Not suitable for: brides with very big breasts and a little fat upper body, they will look a little heavy


Features: The square collar is as its name suggests, the neckline (mainly seen on dresses with shoulder straps or sleeves), forms a square on the upper chest.


Suitable for: brides with obvious collarbone and thick arms.

Suitable for: brides with square faces, because they will look very dull


Features: Softly follow the arc of the collarbone to reach the vicinity of the shoulders, cut straight up and down, with less drawing on the chest, sleeves and sleeveless designs are available, which are more commonly used designs for wedding dresses now!



Suitable: Brides with smaller breasts can make them fuller!

Not suitable for: busty bride


Features: The shape is like a heart, the middle part is deeper, and the two sides are higher. This style is a good choice for women with full breasts and also for more sexy women. A wedding dress with a heart-shaped bust will show a full breast and make the neck look more slender.



Suitable: Sexy, busty bride

Not suitable for: thin brides who do not want to be naked


Features: As the name suggests, sometimes it’s also a V shape behind



Suitable for: brides with chest B cup or C cup

Not suitable for: brides less than B or greater than C


Usually the neck-wrap style is to tie the shoulder straps around the neck, mainly with a deep V-neck. The style of the wedding dress is relatively simple, and its raw materials are mainly fabrics with a smooth texture.



Suitable: Usually suitable for tall brides with big skeletons, it will look more generous.

Not suitable for: brides with narrow shoulders.