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Common Knowledge For Flower Girl That You Need Know

Aug 06,2020 | Jennifer Oliver

The wedding is a great drama, and of course the key supporting actors are essential to ensure that the drama is perfect. In addition to the important supporting roles of the bridesmaids and the best man, there is also the beautiful little angel, the wedding flower girl, who is also one of the most important figures that guarantee the perfection of this scene. But how much do you know about wedding flower girls? Let's understand it together!

Question: How do I find a wedding flower girl? How old should the wedding flower girl be?

Answer: Wedding flower girls are usually performed by relatives, friends, and children by colleagues. The best age choice for wedding flower girls is between 6 and 10 years. Wedding flower girls who are too young can cry at the wedding and affect the smoothness of the wedding. It's too big to be cute enough.


Question: How many wedding flower girls are best suited for the wedding banquet?

Answer: The best wedding flower girl is straight, two, four or six, and boys and girls should be paired. If the new couple can invite six children as wedding flower girls, they can play four and two as substitutes. If you don't find too many suitable wedding flower girls, a little girl is also possible.


Question: Is the wedding flower girl's clothing rented or bought?

Answer: As already mentioned, children will be very happy if they give the children flower dresses for the wedding. In contrast, clothes for wedding flower girls are best bought and not rented. Children's clothing is not very expensive and is not much more expensive than rented.


Question: Do I have to prepare for the wedding flower girl in addition to the dress?

Answer: Wreaths, gloves, etc. are important props for the wedding flower girl. If possible, it would be more interesting to prepare a pair of angel wings for the cute little flower girl. Also remember to prepare enough flower baskets according to the number of flower girls.


Question: What work does the wedding flower girl have to do?

Answer: The work of the wedding flower girl should be determined according to the couple's specific wedding process. Under normal circumstances, the wedding flower girl must spread petals and give rings, etc. If there are two wedding flower girls, the girl sprinkles petals and the boy tails the tail. . If you're lucky enough to invite four little flower girls, the two girls go in front of the couple to sprinkle petals and the two boys pull their tails. Only a pair of wedding flower girls are required for the ring delivery.


Question: Is there a way to better understand the mood of the wedding flower girl?

Answer: Let the children get to know each other as well as possible before entering the venue so that they can become good friends and cooperate with each other at the wedding. The children's patience is limited and they must not do the same thing over and over again, and there is no need to practice repeatedly before playing. Her parents send her to the field while playing. If the child is too young, it is safer if his mother watches him from the side. To cope with emergencies, you can have the bridesmaids pack snacks in their small pockets. If the children are disobedient and not cooperative, a small piece of chocolate can sometimes calm them down.


Question: How do I change the seat of the wedding flower girl?

Answer: After the wedding ceremony, the wedding flower girls can eat with their parents. If too many children are present and the economic conditions allow it, you can prepare a play area for the children at the venue and prepare a few small toys as gifts for them. Ask the hotel staff to take care of them so that the children are safe and happy during the wedding.