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The Common Duties For Mother of The Bride

Aug 12,2020 | cecilia

Supporting the Shopping.

Traditionally, mothers accompany their daughters in search of a wedding dress and share the joy of finding the right fit. Mom is definitely one of the most helpful people to look at different styles with you and chances are she will be the one with the most honest feedback.


Research and Scout Venues.

The mother of the bride often helps the couple check out ceremonies and reception locations. Whether she actually accompanies you on site tours or research, soliciting quotes, or asking friends and family for recommendations, it's up to you how convenient you want her to be in the hunt for the venue.


Take The Dress Color Cues from the Wedding Party.

Traditionally, the mother of the bride dress is the colors of the wedding reception. It is best to wait until your daughter selects the bridesmaids dresses to start shopping. See if you have a sample if you're looking for a harmonizing shade.

If your daughter foregoes the outfits applied to the uniform bridesmaid dresses in a different shade, stick with one or the other. If they wear their own companion on a black cocktail dress, yours belongs to something in silver or gray. Or if her girls go in cobalt blue, a navy dress would go perfectly.


Let the groom's mom know what color and style dress you'll be wearing.

This is to prevent a fashion catastrophe in which both mothers walk down the aisle in magenta dresses with short sleeves and silver belts. Embarrassing! However, the length and formality of your dresses should be the same so that one of you does not show up in a short cotton dress and the other in a lace dress.


Support the bride's decisions.

Unless she wants to get married underwater and expects her 100 guests to receive diving certification, the bride should make the decision. Of course, if you pick up the flower bill and hate yellow roses the bride has planned for the centerpieces, there will be serious discussions. Try to compromise - maybe the bride could indulge her favorite flower by having an all-yellow bouquet of roses.


Find Her Place at the Ceremony and Reception.

A mother of the bride is welcome to accompany the bride down the aisle if for some reason the father of the bride is unable to do so. (Both parents accompany the bride at most Jewish weddings). In a typical Christian wedding, the mother of the bride should sit in the first bench right before the ceremony and then leave the church or chapel. At the reception, the mother should possibly find a place at the parents' table, if available, but only after completing the above-mentioned greetings.


Reminding Her Daughter How Loved She Is.

No matter what, your mother is there to support you with whatever you need. There may be tension between you and your mother, or your family and your partner's, but it should pass. Emotions will be high and your mother is there to be your rock and your realist. Remember: mom may not always know best, but she always has your best interests in mind.