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Jul 20,2020 | Jennifer Oliver

Choosing a bridesmaid’s dress is as exciting as choosing a wedding dress. If you choose a suitable bridesmaid dress, I believe that both the bridesmaid and the bride can become a beautiful scene at the wedding. Summer is hot, so when it comes to summer weddings, the most important thing is to find clothes that are comfortable and match the bride and theme first.


We have collected some things to consider when buying dresses for bridesmaids. It involves colors, styles, and fabrics.


1 Dress color

1.1 Warm colors

  1.1.1 Pink

  1.1.2 Purple

1.2 Cool colors

  1.2.1 Blue

  1.2.2 Green

2 Dress style

2.1 Knee-length bridesmaid dresses

2.2 One-shoulder bridesmaid dresses

2.3 Bridesmaid dresses with high slits

3 Dress fabric

4 Enjoy the wedding party


Dress Color

In summer, light-colored bridesmaid dresses are generally chosen to give people a refreshing and fresh feeling, rather than making people feel dull. Of course, no matter what the color is, make sure to match the wedding theme and decoration.

Warm colors

Warm-toned clothes give people a sweet and gentle feeling. Pink and purple dresses are the first choice for many people at weddings, and they are also very suitable for summer.


Many sweet girls like the cuteness of pink. Pink things are often associated with some beautiful things, such as love and weddings. When thinking of love and weddings, most people unconsciously pop up many pink bubbles in their hearts. Therefore, pink is very suitable as the main color of the wedding. It is also suitable as the hue of the bridesmaid dress.


Purple was a symbol of dignity in ancient times. Purple things are elegant, dreamy and romantic. Therefore, purple is also very suitable for the wedding theme. Lavender is also a good choice for bridesmaid dresses.


Cool colors

Clothes in cool colors give people a cool and cool feeling. In the hot summer, a cold-toned bridesmaid's dress is a good choice to some extent, bringing people a touch of coolness.


Blue symbolizes the sea and the sky, giving people a sense of emptiness and broadness, showing tranquility and reason. Brings a hint of coolness in summer.


Green symbolizes life and nature and is especially suitable for outdoor weddings as the choice of bridesmaid dresses. The same is also a popular color in recent years, with more fashion sense.

Dress style

There are many types of dresses. If you are still in doubt about which style to choose, let us suggest some of these dresses for you. We promise you will be delighted by all of them. 


Knee-length bridesmaid dresses

When summer knocks on our doors, we all want to dress light and flowy. That is why knee-length bridesmaid dresses should be your first choice for a summer wedding. This length will make your bridesmaids feel cool, sexy, and stylish.


One-shoulder bridesmaid dresses

One-shoulder bridesmaid dresses are classical and gorgeous. This style is very elegant and glamorous. This design will set off the neck and shoulders very beautifully.


Bridesmaid dresses with high slits

High slits are great for showing off some skin, just like Holywood stars on the red carpet. high slits will set off the leg lines very long. You can also choose the ones with a wrap front or those with V-neckline. The length should be maxi for the best looks.


Dress fabric

Choosing the right fabric matters more than you might think. Especially in the summertime, when your only goal needs to be making your bridesmaids feel comfortable and not too hot. This also plays a very important role in the smooth holding of the wedding, we cannot ignore it.

The fabric of preference for summer is lightweight chiffon. It is good for the skin and has a texture that will be pleasant to wear even during the hot day outside. You can also combine chiffon with lace, for even better ventilation!



Enjoy the wedding party

No matter which of these styles you choose, you can be sure your bridesmaids will love it. They respect you and won’t let you down on your wedding day. Therefore, it is best to ask the bridesmaid for their opinions when buying bridesmaid dresses. So when everything is ready, you can look forward to your wedding.