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How to Choose The Right Dress for The Mother of The Bride

Aug 20,2020 | Jennifer Oliver

The wedding is a special day, not only for the happy couple but also for their family. The mother of the bride should also wear beautiful and suitable clothing to witness her daughter's happy moments. When we bought a bride's mother's dress, we already got a few things done. This is about color, length, and style.


 Choose the color carefully.

If there is a predominant color scheme or wedding motto, the bride's mother's dress should match it. Dark nuances look noble and set, but muted light colors and pastel tones are also suitable for the mother of the bride dress, especially for summer weddings.

Add some variations with color. You should not choose a dress that is the same color or very similar in color to the bridesmaid dresses. You want some variety so that you stand out from the crowd. However, you don't want to divert attention from the bride. Choose something that goes with the color scheme but isn't too similar to the bridesmaid dresses.

For example, if bridesmaids are dressed in a deep purple shade, a lavender dress may be a suitable option.

Choose the right pattern. A solid color dress may be appropriate, but you can opt for patterns as well. This can be something that sets you apart from the wedding reception. For example, if bridesmaid dresses are solid color, consider wearing a striped or polka dot dress.

When choosing a pattern, consider color as well. Choose colors that match the wedding reception color scheme.

The colors white and black are risky.

White is reserved for the bride, as is cream and ivory. Wear these colors and it will look like you're competing with the bride. Black is traditionally the color of grief and loss - not suitable for a happy day like a wedding.

 The length of the dress depends on the formality of the occasion.

How formal is the wedding? This will affect the type of dress you want to wear. A matching dress is required for a very formal wedding, while for a low key wedding you can go for something more casual.

A full length is required for a very formal wedding. Your dress should minimize the sparkle. Stick to a conservative dress in just one or two colors.

A very casual wedding, like a beach wedding, doesn't require a very fancy dress. A summer dress may be sufficient, although a light scarf or cardigan may be required in case it gets cold. Be sure to ask the bride so that your dress is no more formal than her dress.

For semi-formal weddings, choose a dress that matches the clothes of the bride and bridesmaids. Something like a halter neck dress with a jacket easily fits into a semi-formal affair.

 The dress style should match the theme style.

Think about the subject. When a wedding has a strict theme, it is important that your dress match that theme. Make sure you know the theme of the wedding and the type of clothing that will be appropriate before choosing a dress.

For example, a Renaissance-themed wedding may require a dress with an archaic flair.

Religious and other customs can also affect the type of dress you should wear. For example, a wedding that follows a particular religious tradition may require a specific type of dress.

 Get the suggestions from the happy couple.

A wedding is a special day, not only for the happy couple but also for their families. If you are the mother of the bride, choose a dress that suits the occasion. Make sure to talk with the happy couple when choosing your dress. They can help you choose the right outfit for your special day.