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Apr 16,2020 | Jennifer Oliver

It is actually very simple to prepare your skin for a prom, as long as you follow some good hygiene habits and simple skin care recommendations.

Remove dirt and oil and keep skin clean.

Spots will appear on the skin and make the skin looks greasy if the pores are clogged with dirt and oil.

To make your skin healthy for your prom l, you need to find a cleanser that really works to you, and start applying it a few weeks ago before the prom to ensure that there are no unexpected reactions to your skin. If you are with sensitive skin,choose a mild type of cleanser will be a good choice . If your skin has acne, then you may also need to choose some anti-acne cleansers. Some cleansers can not only clean the face, but also a good choice for cleaning the body skin.

Lotion is also important for keeping the skin healthy.

A good lotion can keep moisture all night to avoid dry skin and protect skin from damage. If you need to participate in a prom outdoors, be sure to choose SPF lotion to avoid sunburn.

In addition, drink more water before the prom to keep the skin hydrated and shiny. Remember to use lip balm to keep lips smooth. When you’re finally ready for makeup , opt for gentle natural skin care products whenever you can. Healthy and shiny skin will make your prom much more amazing.