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The Top 25 Perfect Promposal Ideas

Jun 08,2021 | RamosMaureen

The Top 25 Perfect Promposal Ideas


Prom is one of the best nights of your high school career, but the magic begins far before prom night does. Getting a date for prom typically requires a "promposal"--asking someone to go with you. Whether it's you or your date asking, we've compiled some of the most creative ways to prom-pose.

We especially love the promposals that involve food. There are so many ways to incorporate food items into your promposal, from donuts to pizza to chocolate to cookies; the options are endless. Bonus points if you use the person's favorite thing to eat! You can use animals, sports, or other over-the-top tactics to wow your future date. Follow along for some ideas on how to secure a yes from your date and get an insta-worthy moment:


  1. Make their favorite pasta and hold a sign asking, "What's the PASTA-bility you would go to prom with me?"
  2. Reach their belly and their heart by having a pizza delivered that says, "I know this is cheesy, but will you go to prom with me?" (A classic!)
  3. Make tacos (or take them to get tacos) and make a sign that says, "Let's taco 'bout prom, will you be my date?"
  4. Bring them donuts that spell out "Prom?" and write, "I DONUT want to go to prom with anyone but you!"
  5. Incorporate their animal. Write a note that says, "Will you go to prom with me?" and stick it in the animal's collar, and have the date call the animal and read it!
  6. Get them a giant stuffed bear, and on a poster board, write, "Prom would be unBEARable without you, please be my date?"
  7. Rent a goat (you heard us!), and ask with a sign that says, "Prom would be baaad without you, will you GOAT with me?"
  8. Use tennis balls to form the word, "Prom?" and a sign that says, "Let's cause a racquet at prom."
  9. Throw the ball with them and throw them a baseball that says, "I might strike out asking, but will you go with me to prom?"
  10. Light up their world with (pre-lit) candles that spell out "Prom?" While real candles would be beautiful, you don't want to cause a fire hazard! Pre-lit candles can create just as cool of an effect for the perfect promposal. Pair this with some flowers and balloons, and chances are high of getting a yes!
  11. Use red solo cups to spell out "Prom?" next to a sign that says, "Don't make me go solo to prom, be my date?"
  12. Fill their room with balloons and confetti. When they open their door, have balloons that spell out "Prom?" and get their answer!
  13. Rent a limousine and gather your friends. Pull up to their house and have each friend step out one at a time, with signs that spell out the word "PROM?" and step out last with a sign that has checkboxes of "Yes" or "No?" Hand her a sharpie to check off her answer!
  14. Go to a restaurant and order dessert. Ask the waiter ahead of time if they can write "Prom?" with syrup on the dessert plate. Nothing sweeter than a promposal done with dessert. 
  15. Go to the humane society where the cats are, and have them hang a sign that says, "Be my purr-fect prom date?". After the promposal, you can volunteer together! Or you could use their cat at home if they have one--this way may be closer to their heart.
  16. If either of you is near a beach, write "Prom?" in the sand to ask your date! You could also take a picture to send to them. An even more extravagant way to ask them would be to post it on social media and tag them--So everyone sees! Bold move.
  17. Incorporate their favorite show or movie into the promposal. All you have to do is google the show or movie, pull a fitting line, and voila--You've got a promposal. You can do this by putting it on a poster or dressing up as a favorite character; the options are truly endless.
  18. Show him or her that you will treat them like royalty on prom night by asking, "Every princess needs a prince, so how about prom?" and then give them a crown!
  19. A funny meme is always a good way to get your date to laugh (and say yes to going with you to prom!) Plaster that bad boy on a poster, and you will surely win them over.
  20. Balloons are always a good way to go. Sneak a note into a balloon and pop it open. When the note falls out, read it to them and ask if they will be your date to prom. Or you can have them read it.
  21. A virtual promposal can be just as special as an in-person one. Make them a video, or hop on a Zoom call. You can even deliver food to their house when you are on facetime to see their reaction. 
  22. Interrupt a sports practice to ask your date to prom. You can even get the team involved, which makes it extra special.
  23. Lead your date to their promposal. Leading your date can be done by a trail of candles, roses, lights, etc. At the end of the trail, you stand there with a poster and flowers or balloons that ask, "Prom?"
  24. Buy them cookies from the local bakery, and on the box write, "It would be sweet if you would be my date to.."; when they open it, the cookies spell out P-R-O-M-? You can't go wrong with a sweet treat.
  25. Write "Prom?" on their car with sticky notes--This one may be a lot of work, but it gets the point across well. Be sure to help them take the sticky notes off, or they may change their mind!


Although you don't have to use these ideas, we think they are sure ways to get a yes from your date! Good luck when the time is right, and be sure to tag us in any success stories!!