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15 Creative Ways To Ask Someone To Prom

Jan 20,2022 | wuqueHua

15 Creative Ways To Ask Someone To Prom

Because why wait for someone to ask you when you can do it yourself?

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Apparently, when you used to want to take someone to prom, you would just...ask them, but those days are long gone and now in order to get the coveted "yes," there's a lot of creativity involved. You need to do research on what your crush likes, study their schedule to figure out the best time to surprise them, and of course, get a great pic for Instagram. It's a lot, yes, but when you're walking into prom with your dream date, it will all be worth it. Can't figure out the perfect, creative way to ask bae to the biggest dance of the year? Check out these 15 super creative promposals. Your date won't be able to say no.

1.Decorate Their Locker

Give your crush a pick me up between classes by decorating their locker for a promposal. They won't be expecting the treat when they're grabbing their textbook for fourth period history, but they'll be so happy, they'll have to say yes.

2.Makeup Something Great

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If your crush loves makeup, make a glittery, eyeshadow-themed promposal they won't be able to refuse.

3.Grab Some Furry Friends

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No one can say no to an adorable puppy, so enlist them when you're planning your promposal. The more pups, the better!

4.Use the Trends

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Everyone knows a VSCO girl, so if you just so happen to be asking one to prom, give her everything she loves: scrunchies, Hydroflasks, and a great promposal!

5.Channel Their Favorite TV Show

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Who can say no to McDreamy? Use your crush's fave TV show to ask them to prom. There will be a ton of fun puns and jokes to choose from and they will love the care you put into the promposal.

6.Surprise Them At Work

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Maybe ask their boss for permission first (you wouldn't want your crush to get in trouble), but then head to their work and surprise them with a promposal. It will be totally unexpected and a fun way to spice up their work day.

7.Don’t Let Them Say No

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If your crush has a sweet tooth, really make it impossible for them to say no by presenting them with a box filled with delicious donuts spelling out the word prom.

8.Decorate Their Car

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Your crush won't be able to miss this promposal. All eyes will be on you two as the senior parking lot gathers to see what the answer is.

9.Write Them a Ticket

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Leaving a fake parking ticket on their ride is a great way to get their attention in a funny and cute way. They'll never expect that the little slip of paper on their windshield is actually an invitation to prom.

10.Deliver A Promposal Pie

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Who doesn't love pizza? Ask your crush to prom by delivering a pizza to their house with the big question written inside the box. If you want to get extra creative, try spelling it out with pepperonis.

11.Put Together a Puzzle

If your crush loves puzzles, create the ultimate one for them. Then, when they put it together, there will be only one thing left to do: answer!

12.Gather Friends For Help

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If you are in an after school club (like music or theater), get the rest of the squad in on the plan. Have every member of the cast say the word "prom" throughout the read-through until your crush takes note, or have your bandmates have signs that spell out prom.

13.Make a Sweet Sign

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A total sweetie deserves a totally sweet invitation. Create a funny note asking them to prom with some creative uses of candy bars on a poster. They'll think you're super cute and witty—a double winner.

14.Toss Them a Baller Invite

For the sporty date, write "PROM?" on a ball with marker and casually toss it to them when you pass their locker in the morning.

15.Pop The Question

Fill your crush's room with balloons! When they get home, they'll open the door and be hit in the face with all of the balloons, and they they'll see you, asking them to prom!