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Prom Dresses 2021: The Hottest Trends You Need to Know About

Jan 21,2021 | OliverJennifer

Prom is a perfect time to get dressed up in your favorite gown, flash some sparkling accessories, and enjoy an unforgettable time with your friends.When it comes to the latest trends in evening dresses, there’s a lot to look forward to in the 2021 season. Read on to discover some of the hottest trends in prom dresses you need to know about so you’re the belle of the ball.

Evening Dresses with High Slits

Prepare to dare in a prom dress boasting a high slit design. While this trend isn’t entirely new, it’s still becoming a trendy frontrunner for the 2021 prom season.
Look for a dress with a slit featured in the front and center or more discreetly placed to one side. You’ll even discover a few dresses that feature a high slit on each side for an ultra-daring aesthetic. Pair yours with your best heels and get ready to turn some heads this prom.
Make sure you choose a dress in a fabric, fit, and color you love. Whether it’s sleek and fitted or accented with intricate detailing like beading or embroidery, this style is definitely one of the hottest prom dress trends.
If you need some inspiration, look to some celebrities and their favorite styles. Everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Gigi Hadid can be spotted sporting these sleek, high-slit dresses. Wear one in a classic pastel hue or go all out in a neon number this prom.
Aside from the slit, explore the latest silhouettes for these popular prom dresses. From a one-shoulder and off-shoulder to spaghetti straps, these chic dresses are going to be all the rage for prom in 2021.
If super-high slits aren’t really your favorite, you can also find styles in a more modest slit design. Whether it’s below the knee, above the knee, or thigh-high, check out several different styles until you find the one that’s right for you.


Style ALI04032458

Prom Dresses 2021: Hollywood Glam

Whether you adore the styles of the Roaring Twenties or you love modern Hollywood films, there’s no doubt that celebrities set the tone when it comes to style. In 2021, you can dress like the stars with a wide selection of prom dresses featuring an array of glamorous looks.
Black and white is all the rage this upcoming season, and it’s a dramatic take on the classic prom dress. Choose a tailored all-black or all-white dress, or pick out something in a two-tone look featuring black and white together in one piece. Finish the ensemble with a matching clutch, heels, and some red lipstick and you’re ready to walk the red carpet.
For those who prefer a retro Hollywood style, consider a dress with a pleated skirt. A pleated halter prom gown is to die for, and this style comes in an array of dazzling colors, too.
Showcase a 70s throwback look with a gorgeous formal jumpsuit. There’s no rule saying you absolutely have to wear a dress to prom!
A one-shoulder jumpsuit with flared legs and slits will take your outfit up a notch. Pair this with some sparkly rhinestone chandelier earrings and a choker, and you’re good to go for a dash of retro-inspired Hollywood glam.
If you’re feeling super-inspired by the Hollywood style, go for something ultra-chic like a dress with a faux fur stole or fluttery, soft feather sleeves. The more accents and embellishments your dress has, the more dramatic and daring it will look.

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Look Cool with Tulle

There’s nothing quite as feminine and romantic as a classic tulle dress. This year, you can take things up a notch by wearing a multi-layered tulle prom gown.Tulle is a lightweight, flowing fabric that’s semi-sheer in nature. This wispy material comes in a rainbow of colors, and it’s a gorgeous choice if you’re looking to make a statement.Be on the lookout for tulle ball gowns with long, flowy skirts or trains. The tulle can be accented with intricate embroidery, charming appliques in stunning floral patterns, or just a soft, solid color.A strapless tulle dress with lots of layers will give you a flouncy, feminine effect. You can also choose something with a fitted bodice and a poufy ball gown skirt. Tulle is such a versatile choice that it’s easy to find dresses in virtually any silhouette, color, and theme.Instead of a classic mermaid gown, go for one featuring a flouncy tulle skirt at the bottom. No matter what you decide, you can’t go wrong when you incorporate tulle into your prom-ready outfit.

Style ALI04032473

All That Glitters

Sparkle and shine this prom season with a bright, glittery dress. This chic accent will take any classic prom dress and bring it to a whole new level.Glittery ball gowns, form-fitting dresses with glitter overlays, and a touch of glitter around the hem are all great choices. Explore the range of evening dresses that feature a touch of glitter until you find one in the perfect style.The best thing about glitter is that you can find dresses with this feature in a wide range of colors. Choose something in a sweet and subtle metallic champagne or a dusty pink if you’re going for a classic look.A dress boasting bright peacock blue glitter is sure to turn some heads at prom, while an outfit in black accented with some silver glitter is a perfect choice for evening wear. Glitter can be featured all over the dress, on the bodice, or just on the skirt. Ultimately, the choice is yours when it comes to just how much you want to sparkle!

Style ALI04032454

You’ll Be Lovely in Lace

Lace is a popular choice for dresses that have been around since the Victorian era. While these designs have certainly changed over the decades, there’s no doubt that lace is still a prime choice for today’s new prom dress trends.
You’ll find lace dresses in full-length and shorter styles, long and short sleeves, and strapless silhouettes. The beauty of lace is that it adds depth, dimension, and visual texture to your dress to give it a uniquely fashionable look.
Make sure the lace material you choose is stretchy if you’re going for something form-fitting so you’ll stay comfortable throughout the night. More tailored styles may be crafted of a stiffer lace fabric that doesn’t have as much give.
If you’re feeling really daring, try a semi-sheer lace gown with a satin or solid fabric underlay. Hints of skin will peek out from the lace, but you can still be modest enough to wear it to prom. Celebrities like Zendaya have brought the beautiful lace dress trend back into the spotlight.
Lace comes in a huge assortment of patterns like floral, paisley, and even modern geometric shapes. Find a lace gown that matches your favorite theme, then finish the look with matching accessories in the same vein.

Style ZDGSQS361011

Scuba: It’s Not Just for Diving Anymore

For an ultra-modern and on-trend look, consider prom dresses made of scuba fabric. This unique material is made of a double-kit fine polyester fabric that gives you a smooth, full-bodied drape.
One of the perks of scuba dresses is the material’s four-way stretch. This makes a scuba fabric ensemble perfect for body-hugging gowns and jumpsuits alike.
Another term for scuba is neoprene, but most designers prefer to use the water-loving term. You can find everything from skirts and dresses to pants and tops made of scuba fabric. Ruffled details on these outfits offer a unique sculptural look that does a fantastic job of holding its shape.
Since scuba fabric is stretchy and thick, designers are able to make more unique looks. Petal-like accents on sleeves and oversized ruffles across the bodice will make your prom dress stand out from the crowd.
Thanks to its smooth look and feel, scuba makes a fantastic fabric for figures of any size. Wear a scuba evening gown and enjoy a sumptuous silhouette that hugs your curves while still staying smooth and wrinkle-free.
Need more reasons to choose a scuba prom dress? This unique material is wrinkle-resistant, super-stretchy, and ultra-flattering. It’s also available in a rainbow of colors, gives you extra support, and looks flattering on figures from petite to plus size.

Look Like a Pro in a Tailored Suit

Today’s prom trends are showing that suits aren’t just for boys. Try a sleek, chic tailored tuxedo for women that adds chic sophistication to your prom-ready look.
A longer-fitting jacket with satin accents will make any suit look more elegant. Instead of loose-fitting legs, go with a pair of bottoms featuring a tapered leg to give your outfit a feminine fit. Pants can hit just above the ankles so you can show off your beloved heels, too.
If you choose a pantsuit or women’s tuxedo, a clutch is a perfect accessory. Try a small clutch boasting rhinestones or metallic glitter in a matching color to elevate your prom look.
Another trendy spin on the tailored pantsuit is to choose a sleek jumpsuit and top it with a blazer. Pick out a sleeveless jumpsuit or one with fluttery sleeves so you don’t get overheated. This is a great option if you want to keep cool while you’re dancing and then throw the blazer back on when you get chilly.
Suits exude an air of sophistication, and they look stunning on girls of any size and shape. Suits with a flouncy flared leg will add an extra glamorous touch to your prom ensemble.

Wearable Works of Art

If you want to make a statement this prom, get creative with some of the hottest new styles. Allover prints are coming back, and you’ll find them in everything from gorgeous florals to dramatic leopard patterns.
Your prom dress doesn’t have to be in a single solid color. Try something different and choose an evening gown boasting a stunning ombre colorway or something in bright and bold neon. Ombre is an eye-catching style that uses special dyeing techniques to gradually change the colors of your dress from light to dark.
If you prefer textures over bold prints or patterns, explore the range of prom dresses that boast intricate details like sequins or beading. These dresses are stunning to look at, and they’ll definitely set you apart from the rest of the crowd.
Consider a couture gown with a plunging v-shaped neckline accented with alternating stripes of solid colors and shimmering beads. Metallic satin dresses provide just the right amount of shine without looking too “busy.”
There’s really no limit to what you can wear when it comes to unique prom dresses. Explore a myriad of different designs, colors, patterns, and embellishments until you find the one that lets you express your own personal style the best.
You can also find two-piece prom dresses that show off just the right amount of midriff. Remember, prom is your time to shine so don’t be afraid to choose a dress that helps you showcase your personality in the perfect way.

Get Ready for Prom 2021

Whether it’s a flowy tulle ball gown or a chic jumpsuit, there’s no doubt that there are plenty of amazing evening dresses and prom dresses to choose from for the upcoming season. Look for a dress that you feel comfortable in and one that helps you show off your favorite style.
From Hollywood glam to lace, you can find the best dress for you so your prom is one to remember for a lifetime to come. Try on several dresses until you find one in the perfect silhouette and fit.