Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to create a Sexy, Shining, Simple, Slim, and Stylish mermaid women fashion, showing elegance and charm to each girl, creating various dresses with rich and high-quality silk, chiffon, and delicate lace and create an elegant and refined look. We focus on unexpected details, tailoring, proportions, and workmanship to ensure the most feminine and flattering fit.
Our goal is to provide meticulous and thoughtful customization services, as well as personalized experiences and beautiful quality dresses that contain a variety of colors from cool to warm colors so that our clients can carry with them for years.


We are determined to pursue the latest designs that are most in line with the female favorite and follow the trend. We appreciate and praise all excellent designs. At the same time, we also constantly study the latest fashion trends, pay attention to the latest fashion fabrics and actively integrate them into our designs. We are open-minded and welcome all those who love fashion, with fashion inspiration and talent to join us.


At Berlinnova, we hope that our customers will have easy access to ready-to-wear and high fashion choices. In our workshop, there are about 200 experienced sample makers and tailors, as well as professional in-house fashion designers, who are always happy to provide our clients with special customization options.

Omni-channel retail

Online dress shopping is the best way for people who with busy plans, it saves a lot of time and they even can shop on the go. At Berlinnova, we do everything we can to provide customers with a barrier-free and convenient shopping experience. This is why we operate online retail stores to keep pace with time and provide our customers with better and more diverse products.
Also, the partnership between the local wholesale and resale shops and us may be more beneficial. By providing our high-quality, well-designed products with the lowest retail prices and e-commerce services, we will gain mutual benefit. Therefore, we warmly welcome all retailers or regional agents which interested in joining us.

Why girls like Berlinnova's dress?

"Beauty" is a miracle word that has all the potential to change people in the world. For the sake of beauty, people will do many things or give up many things. Beauty gives women the joy and courage to fight for their careers. We deeply understand that every woman needs beauty, and our goal is to create beauty for them.

We are the builders of beauty

Berlinnova is your partner in your pursuit of beauty. As witnesses of beauty, we believe that behind every elegant and beautiful girl, there is a firm love and a firm commitment. We know that you deserve great happiness from beauty. We believe that everyone deserves beauty. This is the most precious happiness in the world. At Berlinnova, we are your builder of beauty, and we are committed to creating a unique experience and joy for all our beloved friends.

Our promise

A beautiful dress represents our commitment, the commitment we deeply care about. Berlinnova makes every effort to select suitable fabrics, silks, tulle, organza, and embellishments from all over the world. Our experienced tailors will meticulously sew each hand-made detail and decoration, stitch together bits and pieces of beauty, and create a piece of art, with which you call the focus of the ball, perfectly show your charm.

We share beauty with the world

Let Berlinnova accompany you and support you in this fun and exciting journey in pursuit of beauty. We will provide you with the courage and confidence to create a beautiful life with you. Berlinnova will serve you anytime and anywhere. When you show beauty to the world, let us make you more charming.